See why dog visits the same special spot in family’s yard every morning

  • Last year, Michelle Buckley’s family lost their dog for 17 years. 
  • The dog was laid to rest on the family’s lawn.
  • Every morning, the family’s new dog would go straight to the old dog’s grave site.

Michelle Buckley and her family were blessed with a wonderful dog named Burleigh. Last year, after 17 long and joyful years, the sweet pooch died. 

Burleigh was laid to rest in a peaceful part of the Buckleys’ lawn about a year ago, but his love lives on β€” even among people who never had the chance to meet him.


The Buckleys decided a few months ago that it was finally time to welcome a new pet into their home. Dougie, a puppy, soon joined them.

Dougie was born after Burleigh died, but the family soon realized the two pups had a unique bond.

Buckley started to notice that whenever she let Dougie out into the yard in the morning, he always went straight to Burleigh’s grave.


β€œWe have such a huge yard for Dougie to explore, yet every morning for about an hour he sits calmly here, right where Burleigh is buried,” wrote Buckley.

Dougie’s attraction to the site is unclear. Buckley, however, has a theory.

β€œIt seems like he knows,” she wrote.

@michellebuckley8 Dougie lies here every morning without fail❀️ next to where our beautiful burleigh is buried #puppiesoftiktok #cockerspaniel #beautiful #love#fyp ♬ Only Love Can Hurt Like This (Slowed Down Version) – Paloma Faith

While Dougie never met the pup his family treasured before him, they appear to share some unexplainable bond that drives Dougie to that area every morning.

His family is moved after witnessing it personally.

Buckley wrote: β€œHe is the sweetest puppy and he’s healing our hearts.”

Source: The Dodo

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That is so amazing! I have seen cases where dogs returned the cemetery where their owners were buried or refused to leave. But this is the first I have seen of a dog doing this for another previous dog. I once read a story about a woman that died and dogs from even miles and hundreds of miles showed up at her viewing in the village to mourn and observe. No explanation for any of these events. Dogs do have amazing empathy and emotions we have yet to understand!