Smart cat leaps onto door handle so he and his friends can get in [Video]

smart cat opens doors for friends

  • Silvestro the cat is the leader of his family’s over 20 cats.
  • One day, he was caught on camera sneakily opening the door for his friends.
  • He leapt onto the door handle with ease and opened it to make way for everyone.

A smart cat led his gang to a successful attempt at breaking and entering in broad daylight — except that they didn’t break anything at all. They simply strolled through the entrance after their leader sneakily opened the door by himself.

The band of cats found themselves locked out of their home in Sicily, Italy, one day, so gang leader Silvestro took it upon himself to get them a way in.

Photo Credit: TikTok/jimganoza

The cat leader launched himself at the door, landed on the handle, and swung it open.

He squeezed himself in, allowing his band of merry cats to get inside.

The cats’ owner, Antonio Bosco, shared the video on Tiktok, where it has been viewed over 3.5 million times.

It turns out that Silvestro is quite a legend in their neighborhood.

He has been given the title “Kungu l’eroe,” which Antonio explained as a combination of “King Kong and Hero.”

Antonio and his mom recently took in a stray Siamese, so their family now takes care of a total of 25 cats in their home!

Antonio says that Silvestro is the daring leader of this big cat family.

He said, “Silvestro the smart cat is the undisputed leader and protector of our cats.”

Photo Credit: TikTok/jimganoza

Silvestro seems like a naturally brave cat, and he also has a sharp intuition.

It would seem that he also knows what each of his actions would lead to. For instance, Antonio shared that the smart cat knows to expect some affection and treats when he successfully performs a neat trick.

“He understands when he’s done something special,” Antonio shared.

Source: Good News Network

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