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State Trooper Dad And His Daughter’s Dance Routine During Quarantine Is A Big Hit Online! [Video]



  • Schools have closed and so are dance studios which left their students at home and missing their classes.
  • That is why Miela’s dance studio recently challenged their students to involve their parents in a dance routine.
  • Lt. Tyler Kroenke, Miela’s father, was happy to oblige and their dance routine has become a big hit!

With the closing of many schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic, parents have become their children’s teachers except that in Lt. Tyler Kroenke case, he has become his cute little daughter’s backup dancer.

Miela loves to dance so much. But for the same reason above, her dance studio had to put their competition season on hold. Still, the 6-year-old’s passion for dancing is unstoppable even with the virus situation, thanks to her very supportive Nebraska State Patrol officer dad.

With the nationwide stay-at-home as part of the safety measures, the studio thought of a way to keep their young dancers practicing, they were challenged to dance with their parents and teach them a routine. Tyler knew he just can’t let her adorable daughter down. So he practiced with her for a week to nail a “Holding Out for a Hero.”

Photo Credit: @NSPTroopBNights (Twitter)

“I was sitting on the couch with the wife and I was like how about you post that to Facebook and give somebody a laugh, I’ll take it at my expense,” Kroenke said. “I’m just tired of scrolling through Facebook and seeing story after story about COVID and it is important but we need to see something else and make people happy.” 

Photo Credit: @NSPTroopBNights (Twitter)

So the video was shared on Facebook and it was a hit! People are loving their cute moves and their obviously sweet relationship. More than that, it is clear in the video that the state trooper was having fun dancing with his little one.

Someday, when Miela grows up, she has something to watch and remember a very sweet memory of her childhood and that she is very lucky to have a dad like Tyler.

Source: Inspire More