Stray dog chooses random woman walking her dogs to be her new mom [Video]

  • Marcy Merritt was walking her dogs at a park when suddenly, a stray pup showed up and followed them throughout the walk.
  • The dog felt immediately at home with the pack, enough to convince Marcy to take her home.
  • The fur mom officially fostered her and she was flooded with applications for adoptions!

Out of thousands of people, a stray dog’s heart was captured by a random woman who was walking her dogs.

It was a fine day for a walk at a park when Marcy Merritt came across this dog, who was “following in the distance.”

Photo Credit: Marcy Merritt/The Dodo

Marcy told The Dodo that she was nervous at first, “unsure of what to do.” But as soon as the dog caught up with them, the sight of her instantly feeling homey took Marcy’s worries away.

“The second I pet her, she got crazy zoomies and then didn’t leave our side the rest of the way,” Marcy said. 

The stray dog continued joining the group, looking so happy and comfortable as if she had known them for so long. As Marcy and her dogs approached the end of their walk, the stray pup went ahead of everyone — as if leading them to where the car was parked and showing them that she had made up her mind that she was coming home with them!

Marcy couldn’t help but laugh at the situation. She already had three foster dogs at home, on top of her own pets: two dogs and two cats. And she wasn’t looking for another foster dog, but this little pup has found her way to the foster mom she claimed.

Marcy had no idea how long the dog had been wandering in the park, or if she tried to be tagged along by other families roaming around. She just knew that the dog managed to convince her to bring her home.

Photo Credit: Marcy Merritt/The Dodo

“She acted like she was my dog,” Marcy said. “She was so comfortable and happy.”

When they reached home, the new dog felt at home with her siblings, clearly so excited that she could finally have a place.

Marcy had her microchip scanned, which revealed that her name is Venus. Unfortunately, though, her family never came for her. So, the foster mom went through the necessary steps to officially foster her.

“She has multiple applications from families to adopt her,” Marcy said. “I will be her foster family until she is adopted by her forever family.”

And Venus was extremely happy about it. She sure did pick the right foster mom.

Source: The Dodo

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