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Street musician gets a new drum kit from Metalica after his was stolen



  • Anthony Sheriff, also known as “Sheriff Drumman”, has been performing mini concerts in Los Angeles from the back of his truck for years.
  • Last month, both his truck and drums were stolen from in front of his apartment in Hawthorne.
  • Famous rock band Metallica heard what happened and surprised Sheriff Drumman with a brand new drum kit.

Sheriff Drumman, who is known for playing drums out the back of his truck, got a little help from one of the most famous rock bands in the world.

Last December both his truck and drums were stolen from in front of his apartment in Hawthorne.

“When I got outside, I had a total panic attack,” said the 34-year-old musician . “I fainted in front of my neighbors. I started screaming, I was calling for help like someone had shot me.”

He put out a plea for help on social media.

“Can you guys please, please, please, please, please, put on your page any videos, any pictures that you guys may have of me and let them know that my truck has been stolen,” Sheriff pleaded in an Instagram video.

A few days later, his truck turned up but the drums were gone, along with his car battery, generator and lighting rig.

Metallica, a band that was formed in Los Angeles, heard what happened.

METALLICA Photo Credit: Good Will Hunting/Wikimedia Commons

In an emotional surprise Tuesday night, Sheriff Drumman was gifted his new drum kit in Hollywood by a representative for the band.

“Man, thank you guys so much,” he said. “Thank you for taking the time and the resources to support and help what I do. I love you for that.”

Metallica responded with a tweet, saying they were happy to help out a fellow artist.


During an interview last summer, Sheriff said, “I don’t know what I’d do without my drums. I play the drums to keep myself balanced. I let the drums speak to my heart. It’s like a therapy session. It keeps me alive.”

Source: NBC Los Angeles