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Student Council Candidate’s Campaign Shows Us That Even In Quarantine There Is Something Incredible That We Can Do Do Do Do Do [Video]



  • Brenna Tew initially planned to run for student council but was discouraged when the quarantine started. 
  • She was supposed to shoot her campaign video at school around her supportive friends but that won’t happen anymore.
  • As the campaign video deadline is about to come, her siblings decided to help and the result was incredible!

The coronavirus quarantine has surely made people discover more of their creative styles!

It is certainly important that people follow the order to stay at home to prevent the spread of the virus. But it has become a problem as well that the plans that have been previously booked have to be cancelled. Brenna Tew, a middle schooler, is just one of the many kids whose colorful plans for the spring semester were put on hold as the stay-at-home started.

Jenna Tew, Brenna’s mom, told InspireMore of her daughter’s plan to run for student council only to be dismayed. Brenna was really sad and “almost in tears” while her application video deadline was drawing near. She was supposed to shoot her video in the school grounds with her friends’ support. But she was instead stuck at home like everyone else!

That’s why her siblings decided to step in and help her out. Her senior high school sister signed up their two brothers and put them in costumes. They then used Brenna’s favorite “The Muppet Show” song “Mahna Mahna.”

Photo Credit: Jenna H. Tew

In the 1 minute and 40 seconds video, all four of them sing and dance along the merry song while holding signs that say “Vote for Brenna.” Also, they did some short skits to demonstrate why Brenna is fit to be a student council: she is kind, she is friendly, she is a peacemaker.

“Brenna’s favorite song reminds us to DO (do do do do) and there is SO much we can DO for each other, especially family,” Jenna said. “The little video turned out to be a fun meaningful reminder of what we can do do do do do to win and be leaders in our own homes…and continue to do when school is back in session!”

Photo Credit: Jenna H. Tew

Brenna even gives away many Smarties candy to her classmates to show she believes in them and she cares.

Now Brenna has won our hearts! And we love how the Tew siblings are able to use the resources available under consequences when we are limited with our actions.

Source: Inspire More