Sunfish Visits Human Friend Everyday For Five Years [Video]

  • Holly and Greenie met five years ago at her dock on the lake. 
  • She never expected that she’d be friends with a sunfish but here they are years later. 
  • People are always amazed when they learn of Holly and Greenies unusually incredible friendship.

Five years ago, Holly Jorgensen was having a me-time on her dock one day. little did she realize it would be the start of an incredible friendship with someone she least expected or never even once thought about to be honest — her now best friend Greenie the sunfish. 

Greenie appeared in the lake which Holly thought at first he was just guarding his nest. But then he behaved unusually — he stared at Holly in a special way. 

“The males are notorious for guarding their nests, but there was something about the way he looked at me,” Holly said. “When he was through guarding his nest he began following me around and letting me pet him.”

It was strange how the sunfish seemed to really like Holly. So she wondered if he’d show up again the next day — he did, and every day after that for five years now. 

Photo Credit: Holly Jorgensen

“It seemed amazing that he remembered me until I read about a university study that proved fish can distinguish a human face from 44 others and remember it for six months,” Holly said.

When the winter came, the lake froze and Holly wondered if Greenie would ever come back. But spring hit and he was there again waiting for her! 

Years later, Greenie and Holly are still best friends. Sometimes he would tag along a friend, but they don’t often go back to the dock as frequent as Greenie. 

Photo Credit: Holly Jorgensen

Holly usually gives him treats and pets him. He’ s also learned a trick to jump out from the water and catch her food midair. Everyday, Greenie visits Holly without fail. 

“He always looks at me in a special way,” she said.

One time, Greenie showed up with a hook on his mouth. It was such a dismay but Holly removed it carefully and Greenie seemed to be just fine after that. The sunfish understands that she is there for him to keep him safe as much as she can. 

Photo Credit: Holly Jorgensen

People are always amazed when they learn of Greenie and Holly’s unusual friendship. 

“One day I swam to the other end of the lake and was telling some young men about Greenie when one of them asked, ‘Is that him?’ It was,” Holly said. “He had followed me there, and the guys could tell he was attached to me. They were amazed, as everyone is when they see him.”

However unexplainable their friendship, that doesn’t really matter at all. What matters most is the love and care they share for each other. Because in this world, we are meant to share our lives to other creatures, and only then can we find meaning in living. 

Source: The Dodo

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There is a Puma named Messi in Russia living with some people in their house the cat is seriously spoiled goes for walks on a leash of course but doesn’t bother the other animals dog’s or cat’s. The couple really love her and she knows it. she has her claws and teeth and could really kill them if she wanted but she loves them You are right People need to learn most animals will love you back if you show them you care. I read a story of a diver who had a killer shark come up and bump him and swim away he thought he was dead. But then the shark came back and bumped him again and swam away the third time the shark showed him there was a hook stuck in it’s side and belly and let him take it out then swam away but then brought back another shark and bumped him again as if to say thank you this is my mate. crazy stuff There are a million stories about animals that show they can be friendly But also a million more of animals that will kill you. Please keep up the great stories they bring happy tears to my eye’s God bless you and the people who care for these animals