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Sympathetic Dog Chews Through A Leash To Free His Friend [Video]



  • A touching video showing a dog chewing through a leash in order to set free another dog is making the rounds on social media.
  • When Thayson finally freed Boby, both dogs happily run off.
  • However, it turned out Thayson was not freeing Boby from cruelty, but rather saving him from bath time.

A touching video that has been making the rounds on social media captures friendship at its finest.

The now-viral clip shows a dog chewing through a leash in order to set free another dog. The poor pup was tied up alongside a house. With persistence and determination, the dog was able to free his friend.


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As soon as the dog was freed, both of them happily run off.

Most TikTok viewers have speculated that the brave dog that saved the tied-up dog was a stray and that he wants to free the other pup from a life of perpetual confinement on a too-short leash. All viewers agreed that it was a noble act indeed.

Photo Credit: Gamaliel Santos

It turned out, however, that both dogs — Thayson and Boby — are the beloved pets of Gamaliel Santos Yañez and his girlfriend.

Thayson wasn’t freeing Boby from cruelty, but rather rescuing him from bath time.

“My girlfriend was just about to give Boby a bath,” Yañez told The Dodo. “The only time they’re on a leash is when we walk them or when we give them a bath. We use it so they don’t run and get dirty [while we’re washing them].”

Photo Credit: Gamaliel Santos

Actually, it’s common to leash dogs during bath time so they don’t go running around. But playful Thayson is not having any of it. He simply preferred Boby be available for him to play with.

Though Thayson was successful in putting bath time on hold, Gamaliel couldn’t help but appreciate the dog’s gesture for his friend.

Photo Credit: Gamaliel Santos

“I was pretty amazed,” Gamaliel said. “After that, they went and played. They were very happy to be back together playing.”

Thankfully, Thayson and Boby are more tolerant of leashes when it comes time for walks.


Since Thayson and Boby were adopted by Gamaliel and his girlfriend, the two have been pretty much inseparable.

“They spend all their time together,” Gamaliel said. “They are very good friends.”

Source: The Dodo