Teen saves another boy’s life from 800 miles

  • Twelve-year-old Trent Jarret from West Virginia was livestreaming his ATV ride on TikTok when he suddenly crashed.
  • Thirteen-year-old Caden Cotnoir from New Hampshire was watching it and realized something was wrong.
  • Caden promptly called Trent’s grandparents using the numbers that Trent yelled in his video, and alerted them of the incident.

“An Easter miracle” created a beautiful friendship between two young boys who’ve never met.

Trent Jarret from West Virginia, 12, was riding his ATV while live-streaming it on TikTok on Sunday, when he suddenly lost control and crashed. Little did he know that a teen from New Hampshire, who was watching his live ATV ride, would save the day.

Caden Cotnoir, 13, was tuned in to Trent’s TikTok story that day and quickly realized that something was wrong.

“All of a sudden his phone goes kind of blank, you can see a little bit of light and you can just hear him yelling for help,” said Caden. The New Hampshire teen follows Trent on TikTok as they have the same interests in hunting, fishing, and four-wheeling.

Caden told ABC affiliate WMUR that he was not so certain about what really happened, but he heard for sure that Trent was calling out numbers for help.

“I was yelling out my grandparents’ house phone number,” Trent explained to WMUR, adding that their phone number was the only thing he could remember at the time.

Fortunately, Caden recognized what Trent was trying to do and immediately called Trent’s grandparents to inform them about what happened.

Trent was trapped under the ATV for 20 minutes before his parents found him. Fortunately, he only got cuts and bruises. If not for Caden’s prompt response to that call for help, something worse might have happened to Trent.

Learning about how Caden saved him from the scary accident, Trent told WMUR that he’ll be forever grateful to him for alerting his family about the crash.

“I’d just like to thank him for everything that he’s done,” Trent said.

WMUR reported that the two boys, who became friends even without meeting, got the opportunity to virtually meet via Zoom on Monday.

Caden’s stepdad Matt Currier, who works as the chief of the Gilmanton Police Department in New Hampshire, proudly told the outlet, “He did was he was supposed to do and got the right people and it worked out.”

He added, “It was an Easter miracle.”


Source: PEOPLE.com

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