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The Internet Has Fallen In Love With Tupe, The Borzoi Dog With An Extra-Long Snoot



  • Tupe the dog has this incredible snoot that is too adorable for her human not to share on social media.
  • Believe it or not, the longest-snoot-in-the-dog-world title belongs to another dog.
  • These long-nosed dogs are popular on the internet because of how cute they look.

This is not an anteater. She is a dog. One of those Borzois.

The Borzoi dog breed is sometimes described as “long-haired greyhounds.” These dogs support long noses and narrow faces, but this one dog with extra-long snoot takes things even further.

This is Tupelo, Tupe to her family. She lives with Allison Cannarsa-Barr in Jersey City, New Jersey. She has incredible snoot that is too adorable for her human not to share on social media. Allison wanted to share this feat with every pet owner out there, so she started an Instagram page that features her dog and the snoot on her. Today, the page collected more than 78,000 followers.

For the most part, Tupe is no different from other dogs. She is just as playful and she loves her stuffed animals as other pets do. The one thing that stands out the most is her snoot. The dog had her first taste of internet fame after a video of her stealing treats at the dog park went viral. From that point on, more and more people took notice of the dog.

“She cracks us up all the time,” Allison said. “Borzoi are known for being elegant and refined, [but] Tupe is an absolute goof and we wouldn’t want it any other way.”

This does not mean that the dog has the longest snoot in the world. This title goes to another borzoi from Richmond, Virginia. Her name is Eris and she has 187,000 followers on Instagram. Clearly, long-nosed dogs are popular on the internet for some reason. Who knew?

Tupe is just as adorable even though her snoot is not quite as long as Eris’. Allison calls it “a snoot of epic proportions.” Check out this picture of the dog:

This makes it easier for anybody to understand the reason why people could not get enough of these long, slender faces. Who knew that long-nosed dogs bring more to the table?


Source: Inspire More