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There’s A Kleptocat In The Neighborhood… Stealing People’s Laundry [Video]



  • From an indoor cat, Admiral Galacticat was introduced to the outdoors by his mom for him to “get away” from his brother’s shrieks and yells.
  • While outdoors, Admiral managed to sneak into a neighbor’s laundry area and pilfered newly laundered clothes home.
  • Human mom is puzzled by the amount of laundry appearing on the front porch so sets up a makeshift camera and catches Admiral with the clothes.

“I had no idea that my angel was also a petty thief”, says Heather Bardi, mom of Admiral Galacticat, the feline caught bringing home neighbor’s laundry.

Admiral was a happy and content indoor cat but COVID-19 happened. It seems that the stay-at-home order has affected not just human behaviors but also our beloved pets like cats. 

As Bardi told the Dodo, “Admiral’s quiet naps were rudely interrupted no sooner than they started by the shrieks and yells of his unyielding big brother. He wanted out. He would wait by the door and try to sneak by my feet before I realized.”

While outdoors, Admiral discovered the neighborhood and the neighbor’s laundry.  

Bardi found a tank top and a pair of socks in her porch.  Thinking that a drunk person threw them there, she tossed them in the trash. But she found more new clean laundry as the days went by.

Photo Credit: Heather Bardi

Bardi said, “Once more items started showing up, I thought to grab the shirt and sock out of the trash in case they are from a person playing a prank on me and I wanted all of the evidence together.”

To know who was leaving all the laundry, she put a makeshift security camera on a pole on her front porch and downloaded a recording app. Lo and behold, sweet cat Admiral bringing home “gifts” for her mom.

Photo Credit: Heather Bardi

She then informed all her neighbors about the thieving activity of her cat through a cardboard sign which read, “Dear Neighbors, My cat has been stealing SOMEONE’s clean laundry & bringing them home. Socks, boxers, dishrags & even a tank top. If you are missing said items, I have been collecting them & have them inside. Please knock & I’ll give them back. Sorry my cat is a klepto.”

Having no one claiming the laundry, she took to social media and posted on NextDoor, even set up a local garage sale on Facebook until word got out.

Photo Credit: Heather Bardi

It turned out that Admiral gets his laundry from a shared laundry room in an apartment. It was a weird way to meet her neighbors but Bradi said, “We all laughed about the whole situation and how we were shocked that it had garnered so much attention.”

Photo Credit: Heather Bardi

Admiral’s mom says that, “He still to this day has been coming home with more laundry, though I don’t know why I expected it to stop. He seems to either enjoy bringing me presents, or he is just being a rebellious 4-year-old.”

Source: The Dodo