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These Cats Are In For A Drawing Lesson, And Their ‘Pretend’ Teacher Is Just As Adorable [Video]



  • A little girl in Brazil, named Clarinha, loves to pretend to be a teacher because she misses school so much.
  • She decided to give her two cats, Douglas Roberto and Jurandir, an art lesson at home.
  • The lesson was caught on video and when you see this cute girl with her two students, it’ll surely melt your heart.

Sweet cats Douglas Roberto and Jurandir are a sensation in Brazil. Douglas Roberto even has his own Facebook account with nearly 70,000 followers. His family loves posting photos and videos of him and Jurandir for their followers’ entertainment, especially during this pandemic lockdown.

Douglas Roberto and Jurandir Photo Credit:

Their latest video is a “pretend” lesson. The two cats’ human sister, Clarinha, decided to give the two felines a drawing lesson.

Watch the cute video below in FULL SCREEN.

Here’s the translation from Brazilian Portuguese: “Any questions, just ask!” “And now, the root.” “Now, the root just like the other side”. “Did you get it? It’s a flower”. “Now draw”. “Did you understand, Douglas Roberto? Did you understand, Jurandir?” “Look. Did you get it? This is how you draw a flower.”

Just like the rest of the world, traditional classroom instruction has given way to at-home schooling. But Clarinha, Douglas Roberto and Jurandir seem to have no problem adjusting.

The video shows Douglas Roberto and Jurandir looking very attentive and behaved as Clarinha demonstrates how to perfectly draw a flower — step-by-step.

Photo Credit: Douglas Roberto – Gato (Facebook)

Though handling a pen might be beyond Douglas Roberto and Jurandir’s skill set, they still listened to their teacher’s instructions looking like two model students.

The adorable clip ends before the lesson is finished, it’s safe to say Douglas Roberto and Jurandir deserve an A+ (and, for her part, Clarinha does, too).

Photo Credit: Douglas Roberto – Gato (Facebook)

Here’s another video of the two students learning “higher education.” This video was posted on Facebook at Douglas Roberto’s official page.

Source: The Dodo