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These Well-Behaved Dogs Pose for the Best Birthday Party Photos



  • The pups at Lending Paws Pet Care may just be the most well-behaved dogs you’ll ever meet.
  • The pups all get together at the doggy day care whenever one of them celebrates a birthday.
  • They then pose together for a group photo — without any hassle at all!

You may think it impossible to organize a party for 12 dogs and expect all of them to behave, but the pups at Lending Paws Pet Care may just surprise you.

The pups at the doggy day care get treated to a party whenever one of them has a birthday. The celebration has everything a birthday party needs: party hats, goodies, and adorable group photos to memorialize the special day.

Aubrey Thweatt, owner of Lending Paws Pet Care, told The Dodo, “I started doing birthday pics and goodies with my own dogs and so when one of my client’s pups would have a birthday … they would send goodies for the group. It just sort of evolved from there.”


The photo above was taken during the 4th birthday of Rosemary, a gray pittie. When Aubrey shared the photo, it quickly went viral!

The dogs just looked so well-behaved!

It seemed like a piece of cake to take the birthday group photos — and the dogs simply rocked their party hats!


Aubrey shared, “They have been coming for years. We do group pictures daily so they are used to it. We do ‘sit and stay’ for everything.”

Social media users couldn’t help but poke fun at the dogs’ hilarious expressions and sitting positions.

“We have lots of fun and they literally know the phrase ‘picture time!’ They will all run in the direction I’m walking to get to a spot to sit,” Aubrey said.


The pups truly have the time of their lives at the doggy day care. Not only can they run around in the vast backyard, they also have plenty of napping spots. It’s a bonus that they get all the attention and treats that they want.

The dogs have all become best friends after spending years together, and they have all become endeared to Aubrey.


Aubrey shared, “Everything I do is for them. They have the entire house and I am just here to constantly clean up after them and make sure they have lots of playtime and socializing!”

See more adorable birthday photos at Lending Paws Pet Care’s Facebook page.

Source: The Dodo