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This Little Girl’s Dad didn’t Show at the Father-Daughter Dance, so her Big Brother Stepped In



  • Seven-year-old Skylar was looking forward to this year’s father-daughter dance.
  • Sadly, her dad was a no-show — just like at last year’s dance.
  • But her big brother Christian stepped in and made sure she would have a blast!

Big brothers usually have a natural instinct to go above and beyond when protecting and caring for their little siblings.

Eleven-year-old Christian Hamerter, from Covington, Georgia, proved to be a thoughtful big brother to his little sister Skylar at a time when she needed him the most.

Photo Credit: Trelysia Hamerter/Facebook

Seven-year-old Skylar was looking forward to her father-daughter dance — it was all she could talk about in the days leading up to it.

But as February neared, their mom Trelysia was growing more and more anxious. Skylar’s dad was absent at last year’s dance, even though he promised to be there. And this year was starting to look like a repeat of last year as Trelysia couldn’t get a hold of him.

Photo Credit: Trelysia Hamerter/Facebook

Sadly, her worries proved correct. On the big day, Skylar’s dad was a no-show — and the little girl was devastated.

“She cried because she had her heart set on going. I felt so bad because there was nothing I could do because I’m not a male(obviously),” her mom shared in a Facebook post.

But big brother Christian stepped in and made sure she would have a blast!

Photo Credit: Trelysia Hamerter/Facebook

Trelysia proudly shared, “Her big brother stepped in and said he’d take her because he wanted his sister to know that she deserves a man keeping his word and making her feel special. Y’all I literally cried. Just know that I’m raising someone a GREAT HUSBAND one day.”

Photo Credit: Trelysia Hamerter/Facebook

Skylar missed her dad, but she still had a wonderful time thanks to Christian!

Photo Credit: Trelysia Hamerter/Facebook

The little girl now knows that she can always count on her brother.

Christian will surely grow up to be a kind adult and an amazing head of the family!

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