This Restaurant Offers Free Meal For Every Hungry Dog Who Visits

  • Gerardo Ortiz owns a restaurant who offers free meals to stray dogs.
  • It all started five years ago, when one stray dog suddenly turned up to his restaurant, looking hungry.
  • To this day, this tradition goes on, and even Gerardo’s customers joined in the bandwagon of feeding stray dogs!

In the middle of a busy night preparing food, restaurant owner Gerardo Ortiz noticed an unusual customer — a furry, hungry stray dog staring at him as if silently screaming for food.

Photo Credit: Restaurante – Ajilalo/The Dodo

Gerardo understood the poor dog’s plight right then and there, and with no hesitation, gave the dog a free meal, which she ravenously munched on. It was a hearty meal prepared with love, especially for her.

Five years later, this tradition still stands, with Gerardo serving free meals not only to one stray dog, but to many others as well.

Photo Credit: Restaurante – Ajilalo/The Dodo

It turned out that that one stray dog passed on the incredibly good deed of Gerardo to other stray dogs, and soon enough, more stray dogs in the community went on to see it for themselves.

Gerardo didn’t mind how many stray dogs came to his restaurant. What matters is he feeds them and helps them ease their hunger.

“For me, they are the best customers,” Gerard said.

Photo Credit: Restaurante – Ajilalo/The Dodo

In awe of Gerardo’s kindness, his customers followed his example, and began feeding the stray dogs, too! They would often bring food and happily give them to the dogs.

“Thankfully, our clients have reacted well to the dogs,” Gerard said. “They are affectionate toward them.”

For Gerard and his regular customers, this tradition will continue on and on, for as long as they have food to prepare. Without expecting anything in return, they are just happy to see the dogs happy as they fill their tummies with good food.

Photo Credit: Restaurante – Ajilalo/The Dodo

“They do not pay us with money, but they pay us with their happiness and wagging tails,” Gerardo said. “They are very grateful, and we enjoy giving more than receiving. Since I was a child, I have loved animals. My mother always taught us to help others, both people and animals. She’s my inspiration.”

Source: The Dodo

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