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This Woman Glams Up On Her Only Chance To Go Out Of The House… To Take Out The Trash [Video]



  • Charlotte Henderson, from Melbourne, Australia only has one chance to go out of the house—and that’s when she takes the garbage out.
  • So she decided to “glamorize” this event every time and make sure she comes out pretty as always.
  • She puts on her makeup, her sexy outfit, and some heels before she goes out to take the trash out.

Charlotte Henderson, from Melbourne, Australia, surely didn’t want to look like trash while taking the trash out.

In fact, she actually treats it as an extravagant event to go out ever since the coronavirus has forced people like her to stay at home. So she puts on her makeup and flaunts her best self even if it means doing the chore would only take her as far as her driveway.

“Whilst isolating because of the coronavirus, taking the bin out was my only excuse for leaving the house,” she told Viral Hog.

Just like the rest of the world, Charlotte has also been staying indoors taking social-distancing seriously to prevent the further spread of the novel  coronavirus or COVID-19. Her daily housework to take the garbage out of the house has become her most favorite routine of the day.

Photo Credit: Charlotte Henderson

“I put on lipstick, take out my hair and flick it, put on heels and a red dress,” she said.

In a video, Charlotte shows how she prepares to do the filthy chore and make it her chance to show off her sexy outfits before walking out to grace some beauty into the outside world as she brings the garbage bag to be dumped in a bin outside, putting some glam into this mundane task.

It may seem like a waste of time to doll up everyday just to take out the trash, but hey, it can’t be denied that it’s fun and really amusing. The positivity oozing from what she does is so extra and we kind of need it more in these depressing times—I mean, you know, to just be optimistic, be silly, and just have fun.

Photo Credit: Charlotte Henderson

“I chose to glamorize the event of taking the bin out in a humorous way as it was my only outing of the day and [I] had no other reason to dress up,” she said.

Source: New York Post