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Tigger The Sneaky Cat Has Nightly Sleepovers At Neighbors’ House



  • John and Alex Sanders usually leave their front door open when the weather is nice, but their neighbor’s cat thought it was an invitation for him to go inside.
  • Tigger “just walked in like he owned the place,” John said, referring to the cat’s first visit.
  • The couple tried to coax Tigger to go home to his family at night, but the cat just loves the sleepover so much he will stay overnight.

It all started one day around 6 months ago, when John and Alex Sanders left their door wide open while enjoying the nice weather. The cat entered, said hello, and made himself at home. 

“He just walked in like he owned the place,” John Sanders told The Dodo

They checked his tag and found out his name is Tigger and informed his family.  Tigger’s humans are just one street away from the Sanders’ house. They brought him home to his family and found out that Tigger regularly explores the neighborhood. 

Photo Credit: John Sanders

What the Sanders’ thought was a happy ending was not really an ending but a beginning, for Tigger went back to the Sanders’ home the day after and every day since.

From a single visit a day, Tigger now comes traipsing and sleeping at the Sanders’ place at least twice a day, plus the nightly sleepovers.  His first family now accepts that Tigger has made the Sanders his second family.

“Tig’s self-appointed schedule is as follows: It used to be just at night between 9-11 p.m., and stays the night. Alex would let him out when she would go get coffee,” Sanders said. “Now that we’re home during COVID, he visits between 12-2, 4-6, and still comes back overnight. There are days where we don’t see him, but that’s rare. We usually see him twice a day without fail.” 

Photo Credit: John Sanders

 The Sanders used to tell Tigger to go home but now they just let him come over when he does and sleeps over. They listen out for his meow to let him in when the door is closed. 

“His parents said that Tig really just does what he wants and he has chosen us,” Sanders said. “They have said they are just happy that he’s warm and safe and not wandering the streets.”

Photo Credit: John Sanders

 Whatever reason that Tiger has for choosing the Sanders, he’s part of the family now.  And Tigger? He’s living the best of both homes.

 You can follow Tigger on Instagram

Photo Credit: John Sanders

Source: The Dodo