Tripod Dog Obsessed With Food Got Missing One Day And Found Squeezed Inside A Food Bin!

  • Doodle is a tripod dog who is loving of her humans and obsessed with food. 
  • One day, her mom noticed she was nowhere to be found. 
  • She frantically looked for her and when she finally found her, she was hilariously squeezed inside the food bin, eating as much as she wanted.

What Doodle, a tripod dog, loves the most in this whole world is food! She’s obsessed with it, and she sneaks, and steals food every chance she gets! 

One day, her mom, Brandy Stenzel, was doing the laundry when she realized the loving three-legged dog was nowhere to be found! 

“I first noticed she was missing after I didn’t see her next to me which she’s normally pretty close to me when I’m home,” Brandy told The Dodo.

Photo Credit: Brandy Stenzel

So she spent the next 30 mins frantically looking for Doodle! She looked everywhere inside-out, top and bottom, but she’s still missing. Brandy started to panic when all of a sudden, she heard a crackling sound. 

“I knew that crunching sound was her but I didn’t know where it was initially coming from,” she said.

She followed the sound and it finally led her to Doodle — squeezed inside the food bin, eating as much as her heart desires! 

Photo Credit: Brandy Stenzel

The lid was shut on top of her but it was not locked so she could’ve easily hopped out if she wanted. But clearly, she prefers to be inside munching on some snacks.  

As soon as she spotted mom, guilt registered on her face. She knew she got into trouble, but whatever, it’s worth it anyway! 

“She knew she got caught so when that happens she puts her ears back and it makes her look like Dobby the house elf of ‘Harry Potter,’” Brandy said.

Photo Credit: Brandy Stenzel

To avoid Doodle getting lost in the food container again, they bought one with a lock much to the dog’s dismay. But of course, her family still give her all the treats she wants because they love her so much!

Source: The Dodo

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Eating all of anything that she wants can kill her. She’s a beautiful and very unique dog.

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