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Two Obese Beagles Weighing 90 And 100 Pounds Help Each Other Lose Weight [Video]



  • At first, Erin McManis thought Wolfgang was the biggest beagle she had seen weighing at 90 pounds.
  • But then 100-pound Jameson came along. The two foster brothers started losing weight.
  • The good news is — Wolfgang has lost half of his body weight and new addition Jameson has lost 25 pounds since late January.

Wolfgang was obese and weighs 90 pounds when he first came into the shelter. He was three times more than his supposed healthy weight when the shelter got him from his owner who surrendered him through a phone call.

But that never stopped Wolfgang from letting his personality shine through. He is such an adorable pup and Erin McManis, a foster parent with Arizona Beagle Rescue, noticed that right away.

“He was incredibly nice and friendly the first day we took him from the shelter, and that never changed,” Erin told The Dodo. “Wanting to see his weight loss through, we decided to adopt him.”

At first, Wolfgang’s weight prevented him from doing many things and he could only stroll very short distances and couldn’t even get to the door to greet his mom.

“When I come home from work, my dogs would typically come to the door and greet me. But Wolfgang couldn’t do that. It would just tire him out too much,” Erin said. 

Photo Credit: @obese_beagle

With a year of perseverance, exercise, and diet, Wolfgang was able to lose almost half of his massive weight. Now at 51 pounds, he is able to do many things like running, swimming, playing, and chasing toys with his brother Andre.

Erin thought Wolfgang was the biggest beagle she had met in her life but then Jameson came.

Photo Credit: @obese_beagle

Arizona Beagle Rescue praised Erin’s wonderful work with Wolfgang so they contacted her to help another beagle who weighs 100 pounds. 

“I thought three was definitely our maximum, but we decided there was room for one more,” Erin said.

Jameson then became part of the family in late January and has since then lowered 25 pounds of his body weight. While Wolfgang had an easy time to feel at home right away, Jameson was a bit shy and took time to adjust.

“Jameson is only 3 years old, but he was an only dog,” Erin said. “He loves the other dogs, but sometimes he isn’t used to sharing or being part of a pack.”

Wolfgang is helping Jameson to lose weight and once the new foster brother undergoes his surgery to fix a tear in his knee, he would be able to play and exercise again.

Soon, when Jameson is healthy and ready, he will then be finding his own forever home.


Source: The Dodo