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Two-Year-Old Fan Catches The Eye of Soccer Player Alex Morgan



  • Two-year-old Luca had the chance to watch American soccer player Alex Morgan play recently in Monterrey, Mexico.
  • Luca’s mom shared a video clip on social media featuring Luca, cheering and clapping for Morgan at the top of his lungs.
  • When Alex saw the video, she reached out and sent Luca a signed jersey featuring his name on the back.

Professional soccer player, Alex Morgan, is a star both on and off the field.

To Luca, she’s more than just a talented soccer player — he’s one of her biggest fans! He and his family recently went to one of her games in Monterrey, Mexico where the elated 2-year-old was able to cheer Morgan on in person. Yes, it’s just as adorable as it sounds!

This moment was extra special for his mom, Ana Camelo Jackson. When Luca was born, he had a congenital heart defect. So seeing him make it past that to cheer loudly for his favorite soccer player meant the world to her.

It also meant a lot to Morgan herself who saw the video Ana shared on Twitter! This soccer superstar made her own video in response, hinting that there was more to come.

Photo Credit: Ana Jackson

“Is this not the most adorable thing you’ve seen?” Morgan said. “The shirt, the cheer… cuteness overload.”

Soon after, Luca was surprised with the best gift he could have asked for: A custom, signed jersey featuring his name on the back! How cool is that?

Photo Credit: Ana Jackson/ABC News

We have a feeling that this kind gesture has only solidified for Luca why Morgan is his favorite player. It’s certainly made us fans!

Source: ABC News