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Unlikely Friendship Between A Foster Cat and A Wild Deer



  • Friendship blossoms between a cat and a wild deer through a window.
  • Dolly the deer visits Lulu the cat several times a day and looks to her direction when she is not near Lulu’s window.
  • There is a mutual fascination between the two as they can stay near each other for several hours.

Who would have thought that a scared and shy cat would find a friend in a deer?

When you have been living in a hoarding situation and you are thankfully transferred to a loving foster home, you tend to be shy and nervous around others.

Lulu the cat was described by her foster mom Jennifer Burke as very shy and easily gets scared when she came to their home.  But with time, she has become incredibly sweet, enjoys being petted and scrubbed, plus enjoys being belly rubbed.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Burke

She first became close with her foster brother Felix but when he got adopted, Burke worried about her.  But fate has other plans.  This time, a friend came in the form of a wild deer which the family named Dolly. 

Burke said, “I noticed Dolly outside and realized she was within view of our foster room, which is in our basement. So, I ran downstairs to see if Lulu was looking out the window. We have a cat tree placed in front of the window and Lulu was on the top perch watching Dolly. And Dolly was watching Lulu!” 

There is a mutual fascination between the two that keeps Dolly from passing by every day and Lulu from hanging out with Dolly.  Lulu was not scared of Dolly. 

Photo Credit: Jennifer Burke

As Dolly would come up near Lulu’s window and chew on some branches, Lulu would intently watch Dolly.  She even fell asleep atop the branches while Dolly stayed.

They have been seeing each other several times every day through the window. Dolly glances at Lulu’s direction, checks on her, when she is not near Lulu’s window.

Lulu loves Dolly very much that even if the other cats are scared of Dolly, she is not. The Burke family now hopes that when Dolly eventually comes to be adopted into her forever home, there would also be a deer to be her best friend.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Burke

Burke said, “Lulu truly deserves an amazing forever person who will be patient, and give Lulu the time needed to feel safe so she can be loved fully and spoiled rotten. But that adoptive home might need to have some deer neighbors!” 

Source: The Dodo