Vet Rescues Dog Trapped In The Ground With Her Seven Puppies [Video]

  • A cry for help alerted veterinarian Soner Büyümez to a spot on his farm and led him to where a dog’s head was poking from a mound of dirt.
  • When he dug the dog out, there were more sounds coming from under the dirt that turned out to be puppies.
  • The vet managed to dig out the mom and seven puppies from the landslide.

When veterinarian Soner Büyümez heard a desperate cry for help coming from a spot on his remote farm in Turkey, he just saw a dog’s head sticking above a landslide.

The vet said, “When I first saw her, it was very upsetting.”

This prompted him to immediately look for a shovel to get the dog out of the dirt.  What he was not expecting was to hear more sounds coming from the spot.

Büyümez said, “I heard the cry of puppies. They were under the ground.”

And so, he desperately kept digging to first get the mama out of trouble then dig deeper in order to get to the puppies.  Slowly, he brought one pup after another safely above ground.  And in no time, seven puppies were now squirming with their mom.

Büyümez thinks that the dog mom is a stray and has been living in that spot until a landslide buried them.  The mama dog must have covered them from the fall that is why her pups were safely under her.

Photo Credit: Soner Buyumez

After a quick medical examination, the vet said, “Their general condition is very good. The mother and her puppies protected. I will care for them as my own.”

Photo Credit: Soner Buyumez

Thanks to his immediate action, 8 lives are now living their second chance at life.

Source: The Dodo

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