Video of Cat Giving Baby Sister Snuggles Might Be What You Need Today

  • It may take time before a cat gives attention and love to a human or other felines or animals.
  • A TikTok video shows a cat snuggling to its baby sibling and the baby enjoying the attention back.
  • Cat lovers are jealous of the instant bond and wish their cats were as sweet.

Gaining the attention of cats is a feat that you can accomplish after a time.  Royals as they are, you would have to be the chosen one to be showered with their love.  The commoners would have to work for their attention, snuggles and love.

But when they do give their love, you’ll have an affectionate snuggle butt in your hands, anytime and everywhere.

Cats rely on their intuition and instinctively be loving towards you. Take the video of TikTok user @pagiemama of a black cat loving up on her baby which has made cat lovers everywhere jealous.  Because seeing their bond at such a young age would indicate that they could grow into the best of friends.

The kitty keeps on rubbing his head on the baby’s and both are loving it.  Who knows if it’s a friendship growing or the start of an agreement to take over their family and wrap them around their fingers… err paws.  Whichever.  But the loving gesture sure does make you wish you were the recipient.

The comments could not express the jealousy better: “Baby’s like, ‘Ummmm what do I do here!!’😂,” said @im_me_always. Ha! Even a little baby couldn’t believe the cat was giving her love and affection. @user1346217976638 added, “Baby is like ‘OMG I’ve been chosen’ 🤗.” How lucky is this baby! A cat choosing anyone is rare indeed. She should cherish it for as long as possible! 

And the green-eyed monsters keep coming with a more recent clip.

Meanwhile the TikTok creator can only say, “Wow, the cat/baby community is thriving on TikTok! Can’t believe this got so many views. Her twin sister will be jealous, and so will our other kitty!”

Oh well, we cannot always be the chosen ones.  Keep on loving, cat and baby! 

Source: Pet Helpful

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