Watch Adorable Cat Says ‘Mek Mek’ and ‘Mem Mem’ Instead of Meow [Video]

  • A cat with a unique sound has captured the hearts of TikTok viewers.
  • Toffee the cat answers her mom’s question with a “Mek mek mek” instead of the common meow.
  • TikTok viewers cannot help but gush over Toffee’s sounds which earned the video almost a million views.

Cats meow, right? But there are cats who actually sound different.  Different sounds for different situations and needs or feelings.  Let Toffee introduce you to her unique sound.

Toffee is really chatty and she is not afraid to tell you what she wants.  Her mom has been posting her conversation with her on TikTok and it has captured the attention of a lot of viewers. Extra long mek meks for this week’s TV Tuesday ! #tophsworld #catsoftiktok #cattv #tvtuesday ♬ original sound – Toph

Toffee’s sounds are unusual.  But you would understand what she is trying to convey. In the video of user, her mom can be heard asking her, “Toffee, do you want to watch TV?” Toffee responds with a Mek mek mek.  Her owner wrote in the caption: “Extra long mek meks for this week’s TV Tuesday!”

The sounds she makes are better heard and watched to get the full experience.

Photo Credit: (TikTok)

This video has already been watched almost a million times already and the viewers are so hooked to Toffee’s answers that they cannot help but comment. @feralspacewizard wrote, “Some of the best cat noises I’ve ever heard,” while @_ink_ink_ink_ teased, “She has so much to say.”  Still @chunsan9226 added, “Why she is so talkative when watching TV. So cute.” Shes a little less chatty today but she still loves her tv #tophsworld #catsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Toph

Toffee has turned into an internet superstar without even trying because of her uniqueness.  Just by being herself and answering her mom’s questions with her sounds, she has brought joy to those who appreciate her.  Keep on the mek mek mek, Toffee! 

Source: Pet Helpful

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