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Watch first responders save two people and a dog from drowning in river [Video]



  • A woman and her dog were strolling along the Los Angeles River when they were swiped away by the current.
  • The woman was clinging to her dog until a firefighter was lowered into the water to rescue the woman.
  •  A citizen who tried to rescue the dog ended up needing to be rescued as well. 

First responders are among the most determined individuals on the planet. They’re frequently the only thing that stands between a positive and a disastrous outcome.

A woman took her German shepherd mix, Scooby, for a stroll along the Los Angeles River in California one recent afternoon. The river was swollen due to recent rain, and the pair was swallowed up by the current. When rescue crews arrived, they saw the woman clinging to her dog.

Even after firefighters tossed her a rescue ring, the woman refused to release her dog. Finally, a rope was used by the Los Angeles Fire Department to lower a firefighter to the ground and rescue the woman. Scooby was frightened by the commotion and dashed into the water, where he was swept downstream.


The teams then attempted to rescue Scooby by lowering another firefighter down, but Scooby was so terrified that he fought off the heroes. A good samaritan even attempted to save the dog by jumping into the river, but the dog bit him numerous times. The citizen eventually had to be rescued by the emergency responders.

Rescue workers cautioned citizens not to attempt rescues again since it only adds to their workload and endangers more lives. The Good Samaritan had minor injuries, including dog bite wounds, and was taken to the hospital.

A large crowd had gathered by this point to witness the dramatic scene unfold. The river was flowing between 5 and 10 m.p.h., according to the LAFD, and they’d been trying to save Scooby for approximately 2 hours when one of the crews successfully lassoed Scooby with a rope in a shallow part of the river.


Scooby was hypothermic but otherwise unhurt by the encounter, according to the L.A. Animal Services’ Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team. Thankfully, none of the three victims were seriously hurt, and everyone was relieved to be alive.

Scooby and his owner have reunited, and we’re confident they’ll be more cautious in the future.

Source: Inspire More