Watch how this cat reacts to seeing a bear in their yard [Video]

  • Cats are often deemed to be brave animals. 
  • However, there might be a reason why the term “scaredy cat” was coined.
  • This cat mama and her pet’s experience may help us see another side of cats.

Cats are often thought to be courageous animals. They’re always scaling incredible heights, calling all the shots at home, and seeking independence. So it’s unusual to witness a scared cat. But there had to be a reason why the word “scaredy-cat” came around in the first place, right? We believe it stemmed from an incident similar to the experience of TikTok user @ashlea.touville and her cat.

@ashlea.touville his first time seeing a bear 🐻 #scardycat #foryou #fypシ゚viral #reaction #priceless #catsoftiktok #ohmy #whatisthat ♬ original sound – Ashlea.

This cat mom was peering out her window one day when she discovered an unexpected visitor in the yard. A massive bear! Even though her heart was thumping out of her chest, she grabbed her camera and began filming.


The bear was just sitting there at first, but he must have been hungry because he went after the bird feeder. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Obviously, neither could her pet. We had the same reaction as he did while seeing this video! That makes us scaredy-cats as well!

Oh my goodness! That is both amazing and terrible to watch! We’re delighted she adjusted the camera to record her cat’s reaction because it’s spot on. LOL! His eyes were bulging from his skull. He’s just astounded that such a creature exists in his backyard.


TikTok users weighed in on what was most likely going through that cat’s thoughts.

“Are you going to do something about this?!?” @Celestialfae wrote.

LOL! He was upset that the bear was stealing the bird food because without bird food, there were no birds to see!

“He’s like, ‘Are you seeing the same thing I’m seeing?’” @Samantha Fosnot added. 

This is probably the first time he’s seen anything like that! The amusing part about this cat’s reaction is that he will almost certainly refuse to go outside again. 

Source: Pet Helpful

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The look on the cats face was priceless.

Gorgeous cat. Gorgeous expression.

My Harley swatted a cougar on the nose, drew blood. it was coming on his deck! Lived to tell about it. Clyde turned, went back down the steps.