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Watch Sad Shelter Cat Becomes A Happy Fur Baby After Adoption [Video]



  • Rescued animals at shelters experience depression and Otie the cat was no exception.
  • When Otie was adopted, his transformation from sad cat to happy cat was documented by his mom.
  • Otie now cuddles, purrs and shows his love to his mom.

When one is shown love, it is like being touched by the sun on dreary days, warming you up and making you glow.

This is the kind of love that brings out the light in you, just like Otie the cat did when he was adopted into his forever home.

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Alyssa Keeling, Otie’s new mom said that when he saw Otie at the local animal shelter, “He was clearly depressed. But he also had this big personality that was not meant to be caged.”

Otie showed his sadness at being at the shelter and this probably discouraged adopters from bringing him home. Keeling recalled, “When he was finally in his new home, it’s like a switch flipped. Otie came to life.”

Photo Credit: Alyssa Keeling

Otie now cuddles up to his mom, purrs his appreciation and has a renewed love for life. He has blossomed into his own loving being.

Keeling said, “Looking back on all the pictures and videos I have of him in his cage, I’m just so grateful he’s here with me, that I get to be the one to love him, and that he’s living his best, silliest, quirkiest life.”

That’s what love can do: bring life to where hope has faded. Visit your local shelters and give the wards a second chance at life, at happiness and at giving love in return.

Source: The Dodo