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Watch Supermom Jennifer Garner Builds A Dunk Tank to Entertain Her Kids During Quarantine



  • Actress Jennifer Garner takes quarantine as a chance to spend time with her kids bonding and finding ways to enjoy.
  • Recently she showcased her carpentry skills as she built her own dunk tank all by herself.
  • Aside from that she also has a beautiful garden of sunflowers she happily posted on her Instagram account.

Just like most of us, actress Jennifer Garner also takes quarantine as an opportunity to bond with her kids. She has been finding new ways they could play and have fun together. 

The 48-year-old “Alias” star decided to make a DIY dunk tank in their yard and shared a video of the process to her followers on Instagram last weekend.

“Sometimes…you need a dunk tank. ????????????????????♥️,” she said in the caption of the video, which shows her wearing protective glasses, sawing, drilling, sanding and assembling her completed project.

After it was set up, she then demonstrated how it works and got herself wet with water from the pail overhead. She then called her kids,  Samuel, 8,  Seraphina, 11, and Violet, 14, to check the dunk tank out.

Famous celebrities flooded the video’s comment section with positive feedback.  Eve Robin Roberts, of Good Morning America, said: “There’s nothing you can’t do!!”

Giselle Eisenberg, 13-year-old actress, asked in a comment, “Do I count as one of your kids?!” while  Candace Nelson also wondered, “How do you know carpentry too? Mind blown.”

But that’s not all, aside from carpentry, Garner also has a beautiful garden where she proudly showed her tall sunflowers in her last week’s IG post. She was laughing and clearly happy with what she’s doing during the quarantine.

“Another week, another chance to ♥️????????????????????‍♀️????????????. (Come on, July. ♥️),” she said in the caption.

Besides sunflowers, she also has what she called a “Pride tree” which she showed off in an Instagram post in June with a caption “Happy Pride from our Pride tree” — a tree in their yard which they decorated with rainbow colored crepe paper.


Source: PEOPLE.Com