Watch Sympathetic Dog Limps Down The Stairs After His Owner Broke Her Ankle [Video]

  • Ashley Hall injures her ankle while going down the stairs in their home.
  • Her dog Rico mimics her every movement and so, when she limps as she goes down the stairs, Rico follows limping but more slowly than she does.
  • Hall has recovered but Rico still goes down the stairs limping, making the family laugh. 

Rico the dog is one of the strays brought from Puerto Rico to the US by Island Dog Inc. Ashley Hall said, “I saw his picture on Facebook and immediately fell in love. He’s super sweet and friendly. He’s never met a human or animal he doesn’t love!”

The now 4-year-old Husky mix mimics everything his mom does. 

Photo Credit: @ash_laughs (TikTok)

And so, it was not a surprise that when Hall slipped on the staircase and injured her foot, Rico would not be far behind, following her mom, limping! 

Hall narrated with mirth, “[Rico mimicked me] almost immediately.  And even though I’m moving a little fast down the stairs, he is still overly cautious. It took him a full 32 seconds to come all the way down the stairs.”

Photo Credit: @ash_laughs (TikTok)

Every time that she would go down the stairs, Rico would be there, slowly making his way down, even more than his mom does!

And Hall and the family just find it hilarious!

Photo Credit: @ash_laughs (TikTok)

And even if Hall has already recovered from her injury, Rico still comes down the stairs, limping. The goofball has enjoyed doing the routine and finds no reason why he should change it.

We may never know when he decides to descend the stairs normally again but, in the meantime, he has been providing the family with a lot of good laughs.

Source: The Dodo

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there’s never any videos or links associated with your stories…c’mon what gives? i’m unsubscribing.

I’ve noticed that too, Marc

Could really use a video! Picture is worth alot. A video is priceless. Used to have a Shepherd/Husky mix. Huskies are very vocal Canines no doubt. Thought our Shep/Husk mix Bandit to say “I LOVE YOU” by continually repeating “I WUV YOU”. Her and her buddy Duchess a German Shepherd used to start howling like Wolf’s everytime they heard a siren. Usually well before we could hear it. Miss em.. Love Dogs, always have. 😊