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Watch these corgis care for a tiny kitten rescued by their mom [Video]



  • A Corgi mom was on her way to the park when she saw an abandoned cat under a car. 
  • She brought the cat home and bought her cat formula.
  • The Corgis took care of the kitten. 

Taking care of a single animal is difficult enough, how much more caring for several animals? It’s no easy task, especially if you live with a variety of species! Those that are capable of taking in additional animals deserve special recognition. You are one of a kind! 

This is especially true for a Corgi parent who decides to take on an additional challenge.

On his way to the park, TikTok user @weslyandbrady saw an abandoned cat under a car. She claimed she couldn’t leave the poor little animal alone, so she brought her home and dashed to PetSmart for kitty formula and a baby bottle. With two other dogs in the house, it appears to be a tense situation. However, the Corgis easily assumed the position of big brother, caring for the young kitten. What they do to keep her safe will melt your heart!


Reply to @emoalani Ruby is doing great and is getting stronger ❤️ she is taking the bottle well. Wesly and Brady absolutely adores her and loves watching over her. We are rooting for her ❤️ ♬ My Hachiko – Dietmar Steinhauer

We’ve never seen such protective brothers! Wesly keeps a constant eye on Ruby, the kitten. He always stays by her side, and would stand next to her box, gazing longingly at her! He’s only checking to see if she’s gaining stronger and adjusting to her new surroundings.

“So precious, she’s got the best cutest bodyguards ever!” commented @All_nightowl. 

She’ll be safe for the rest of her cat life!

Another commenter, @Marc Manalo, suggested they change the TikTok name to @weslyandbradyandruby. 

For people who are concerned about the kitten’s health, the mom wrote that she is doing well, growing stronger, and taking the bottle nicely.

That is the most wonderful news ever! She also stated that they will care for Ruby until she is large enough and strong enough to be adopted. Her Corgi brothers will look after her until then!

Source: Pet Helpful