Watch this cockatoo enjoy her dance party [Video]

  • One cockatoo is going viral on TikTok for her dance skills. 
  • The cockatoo’s father has been uploading the bird’s dancing video on TikTok for the past years. 
  • According to the bird’s owner, cockatoos are among the few of their kind to respond to rhythm. 

We’ve all got that one song, or a few songs, that when they come on, you can’t stop moving your feet. The first few chords of the music can quickly lift your spirits and have you up and dancing in your living room, regardless of the time of day. That is quite usual.

We’ve probably all been there! But has anyone else’s dancing ever gotten you in a wonderful mood? We believe your answer will change after watching this TikTok video by @djskorpios.

@djskorpios Reply to @annamilyutina By popular request (that long intro though). #parrot #cockatoo #goffin #dancingbird ♬ original sound David Holt

For the past few years, this Cockatoo father has been filming his bird grooving out to music, and it never gets old!

“Getting ready for summers, EDM parties,” reads the caption on one of his latest videos.

His Cockatoo is poised on the bathroom counter, ready for the music to begin. She double-checks her familiarity with the song before beginning. And, well, let’s just say her dancing skills are better than ours!

@djskorpios Getting ready for the summer time, EDM parties. #parrot #cockatoo #goffin #dancingbird ♬ original sound – David Holt

She was having a great time! She was leaping around, bobbing her head, and swaying from side to side. The music had complete reign over her, and she let it all out! We want to stop everything and join her! 

“Wasn’t on beat at first be she found it!” commented @Danni Irene. 

Still, she’s faster than we are at finding the beat!


The creator answered: “It takes her a minute but she always finds that beat. 😏.” 

Her rhythm is inherent!

TikTok user @fruititooty asked: “Do they understand music? Like is the bobbing bc she likes it like humans do?” 


According to the creator, cockatoos are one of the few creatures that can grasp and respond to rhythm. That’s fantastic! Perhaps these birds can teach us something about rhythm! Is she going to start teaching dancing lessons soon?

Source: Pet Helpful

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