When Mama Dog Takes A Break, Step Papa Cat Takes Care of the Puppies [Video]

  • A Labrador mom decides to take a short break from motherhood and an unlikely babysitter takes over— a male Siamese cat.
  • Fig the cat, calms down the restless Lab puppy by giving it a nudge and grooming it, cat style.
  • The loving gesture captured on video by the dog and cat’s owner has now gone viral with several viewers leaving adorable comments.

A video of a Siamese cat comforting a Labrador pup has already gained 5.2 million views on TikTok.  Who would not go “Awwwww” when you see the cat lovingly shower attention on the pup?

When mom Lab Olive decided to take a break from all the hassles of mommyhood, she was relying on her human mom to help her.  She was not expecting Fig the Siamese cat to step in for her and babysit. 

@hannahcolson Baby daddy putting in the work #catdad #goldenretriever ♬ original sound – Hannah Colson

But Fig did come through as he managed to calm down the puppy although for some viewers, it seemed a little enthusiastic. As @Cardamonfives commented, “that comforting looks a bit aggressive haha.” Still @tinyplopp agreed with this comment: “That’s cats for you.” LMAO–yep! 

Now the captured viewers cannot decide on who exactly melted their hearts.  @seannybeag commented, “We just can’t decide who’s cutest in this video! That lil’ tiny puppy is positively precious, but the personality on Mom is hard to beat. It’s just so relatable! “Olive’s like… cheers, you’re babysitting 👍,”. Pretty much! She’s a smart girl to take advantage of the help she’s been offered, that’s for sure. 

Photo Credit: @hannahcolson (TikTok)

Fig’s now being called “not the stepdad. But the dad that stepped up” by @empathimbo. 

It takes a village to raise a child.  In this case, an interspecies village.

Source: Pet Helpful

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