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Woman Finds Homeless Pup During Vacation In Bali, Decides To Bring Her Back Home to US



  • An American woman named Taylor was having a vacation in Bali, Indonesia when she found a hungry pup along the road, fed her, but she never intended to keep her for life. 
  • However, the pup got sickly and Taylor can’t stand that, so she decided to adopt the pup and take her back home.
  •  Flying Stevie to the US took time, effort, and resources that seemed impossible but eventually the dog was able to go to Colorado with Taylor.

You can never tell when and where you’d find the ones that will complete your life. Just like what happened to Taylor when she went on a vacation far away from home.

Taylor was roaming around Bali, Indonesia, in her scooter when she saw a tiny furball on the roadside. She quickly stopped to look closely and found a very cute little puppy who seemed to be homeless and starving. 

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“She came right to me and I picked her up. I didn’t plan on taking her home with me by any means,” Taylor said.

But she just can’t leave a helpless pup behind so she put her in her backpack and brought her back to the bungalow where she was staying. She then fed the tiny pup and has since developed a close bond.

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The dog stayed with her for a few days, but still, Taylor intended to find her a permanent home before she leaves for Golden, Colorado, where she lives. But then the dog started acting weird and became sickly.

When she had her checked by a local vet, she learned that the pup had severe anemia and tick-borne disease of some sort. Only if someone gives her constant care can she recover and it may take months.

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That’s when Taylor finally decided to keep the pup who she named Stevie Ticks. She chipped someone in to look for Stevie while she went back to the U.S. to arrange another flight for a longer stay in Indonesia. 

“It made me realize how much I love her and I didn’t want to give up on her,” she said.

Upon returning to Bali, she met with Stevie again and the healing process started, not just for Stevie, but for Taylor too. She stayed in Indonesia for  3 extra months to make sure Stevie is healthy enough to travel to the U.S. with her. 

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Now, Stevie has fully recovered and she just loves spending the day with her mom. She even goes with her for long hikes and gives Taylor lots of kisses and love. 

Source: Inspire More