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Woman Makes Hilarious Attempt to Distract Dogs from Delivery Driver [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • TikToker Dylan Mansour tried a hilarious dance routine to distract her dogs, Artemis and Atlas, from hassling the Taco Bell delivery driver at her home in Charleston.
  • Despite her energetic performance involving a chew toy and lots of dramatic moves, the plan failed when the driver knocked on the door, leading to the dogs rushing off to meet the visitor.
  • The incident, shared on TikTok, has resonated with dog owners around the globe, turning into a viral sensation and sparking a flurry of empathetic and amused comments.

In the land of adorable distractions and high stakes performance art, Charleston resident and TikToker Dylan Mansour finds herself as the conductor of hilarity.

The drama unfolded as Mansour, anticipating a Taco Bell delivery via Doordash, had to keep her canine companions, Australian shepherd Artemis and German shepherd Atlas, from terrorizing the delivery driver.

As any dog owner knows, the telltale knock on the door can lead to a furry frenzy, especially when there’s a chance for a new face to slobber over.

This was exactly what Mansour hoped to avoid.

Not her first rodeo with this problem, Mansour took to the stage of diversion with a strategy that has since won hearts and laughter all over the internet.


Her dance routine, designed to keep Artemis and Atlas entranced, involved her energetically waving a chew toy around while adding her own personal flair of hip wiggles, air punches, and dramatic pleas on her knees.

Her attempts were a fusion of humor, desperation, and a dash of interpretive dance that any modern artist would be proud of.

But like the best-laid plans of mice and men, this one didn’t quite pan out.

Despite her request to the driver not to knock, the knock came, and Artemis and Atlas were off, leaving Mansour’s impromptu distraction performance in the dust.

“Even though my notes asked the driver not to knock on the door, they still did, so Atlas and Artemis snapped out of the distraction,” Mansour lamented.

Mansour’s approach to the canine door-dashing dilemma was as creative as it was ineffective.


Despite the failure, she found joy in the effort, and so did her dogs.

As any good performer knows, audience feedback is critical.

According to Mansour, “Artemis gave it a seven out of 10, Atlas gave it a three.”

The incident was shared on TikTok, where it struck a chord with dog owners everywhere.

Mansour’s dog-distracting dance routine has become a viral sensation. The comments ranged from commiserating to amused.

“This is so real,” one user wrote.


“IM DYING at the accuracy,” another chimed in.

Sometimes, the best-laid plans go awry, but if you can have fun doing it and make a million people laugh, then perhaps it’s not such a failure after all.

As Mansour herself put it: “It was fun, even if it wasn’t effective.”