Woman plans to stage record-breaking largest dog wedding [Video]

dog wedding

  • Leslie Allison-Seei attempted to break the world record for the largest dog wedding ceremony last September 2021.
  • They were 99 couples short of the 2007 world record (178 dog couples), but it was a successful fundraiser and adoption event.
  • Leslie plans this year’s event to be mugh bigger, aiming for 1,000 dogs!

When Leslie Allison-Seei was witness to a dog wedding in 2008 — the wedding of her own German shepherd, Cleo,Β to neighbor golden retriever Buddy — she was determined to see more dog couples wed.

Last year, on September 25, 2021, Leslie attempted a world record for the largest dog wedding ceremony at Villa Park, Illinois. The standing record involved 178 dog couples in 2007!

That Sunday, the 160 dogs who gathered in the park got married all at once by an officiant.

Leslie, 61, shared, “They barked their ‘I dos’ at the same time.”

After the ceremony, the pooch pairs received their marriage certificates and went on to the reception, where they enjoyed dog-friendly carob-flavored cake and goat’s milk champagne.

Photo Credit: Fetch Portraits

Leslie, who is also the chair of the Villa Park Community’s Focus on Unifying Neighbors (F.U.N.) Commission, shared, “I love dogs, and I love weddings.”

While the event was “99 couples short” of breaking the world record, it was still a successful fundraiser and adoption event. They ended up raising $4,000 for local rescues and five dogs found their forever homes.

Photo Credit: Marci J. Watts

“I love the fact that we’re raising money for these homeless animals,” Leslie said. “And we’re doing it in a fun way that allows people to come out, have a great time with their dogs.”

Leslie is already planning this year’s dog wedding, which will be held in September 2022 after the Kane County Cougar’s “Bark at the Park” ballgame at Northwestern Medicine Field in Geneva.

She also launched the website, www.largestdogwedding.com.

Photo Credit: Tanya Boutin

Leslie declared, “We’re planning on taking another bite at it this year. It’s going to be bigger and better.”

She aims to get 1,000 dogs married in this year’s event! She certainly wants not just to break the record, but also hold it “for a long, long time”!

“It’s fun,” she shared. “You cannot say dogs and wedding and Guinness World Record all in the same sentence and not smile.”

This time, Leslie has partnered with larger rescues. In addition to her goal of getting 1,000 dogs married, she also hopes to raise $100,000 for homeless animals and help at least 100 pets find forever families.

Source: PEOPLE

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