Woman Steps Up For A Senior Dog Whose Owner Is Going To An Assisted Living Home [Video]

  • There are many reasons why senior dogs end up in shelters and an owner moving to an assisted home could be one.
  • This is what happened to 12-year-old Foxy who also has a heart murmur.
  • But a kind lady fell in love with Foxy’s sweetness and adopted her, heart murmur, medical treatments, diet, and all.

TikTok user @carlyc55 received a video of a senior dog named Foxy needing a new home.  She decided on visiting her and when she met the 12-year-old pup, she just fell in love.

@carlyc55 thank you for everything fozzie bear #seniordog #dogs #newdog #vet ♬ the winner takes it all – november ultra

Senior dogs often get passed for adoption in favor of younger ones.  But these dogs have known love from their previous owners and being surrendered or abandoned is a very stressful time for them.

But Foxy’s mom will not be able to take care of her as she was moving to an assisted home. To add to that, Foxy has Grade 5 heart murmur which requires new medicines and diet. And @carlyc55 stepping up to adopt Foxy and giving her a loving home for her remaining days, pulls at your heart strings.

Photo Credit: @carlyc55 (TikTok)

As @dogpaws7151969 wrote in the comments, “Senior rescue is surprisingly very rewarding. You gave an animal its last loving place on this earth.” @user6865187993536 added, “Well done. What a kind thing to do for a sweet senior lady. You rock.”

Photo Credit: @carlyc55 (TikTok)

The adoption has brought a new lease on life for Foxy. As @maryhoffman645 wrote, “Yes Foxy has gone through a lot but she is smiling and so well loved.” 

We are sure that Foxy will reciprocate all the love and affection she will be given until her last days, @carlyc55

Source: Pet Helpful

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