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YouTube Canine Sensation Bailey Has A New Best Friend: A Kitty! [Video]



  • Cats and dogs have always been known as enemies.
  • But Bailey and Simon shattered the myth by forming an adorable friendship.
  • Their first playdate video has already been viewed 5 million times.

They may seem an unlikely couple but if you need a cute start to your day, a video that has 5 million views might just be the answer. Bailey and Simon’s antics are sure to perk you up.

Their first playdate was shown on the “This Is Bailey” YouTube account. From there, we witness how Bailey the golden retriever won the heart of the tiny kitten, Simon. The initial gestures between the two species deemed to be otherwise enemies are surely adorable.

With Bailey’s size, it was normal for Simon to be afraid, but it did not take long for him to warm up to the pup. He first observed from a safe distance on the couch. When he felt a little comfortable, Simon started batting at the other’s nose. But the true sign of trust? He rolled over and exposed his belly.

Photo Credit: This Is Bailey/YouTube

It looked like the beginning of a blossoming BFF bond.

Viewers commented that Bailey showed remarkable patience as he waited for Simon to approach him.

One comment said: “Bailey has to be one of the most well-behaved dogs ever!” Another delighted viewer said, “They are going to be great friends.” And we cannot help but totally agree!

Aside from the new friendship with Simon, Bailey is known to be loving to other critters. His social media accounts can attest to him playing and cuddling with both feathered and fluffy friends, including baby bunnies!

Go check out his IG account, @FunnyDogBailey, and follow so you will have first dibs on his fun and cute activities. Oh, and you’ll also be updated on the loving and sweet friendship between him and Simon.

Have fun watching!


Source: Daily Paws