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13-Year-Boy Jumped Into Freezing Water To Comfort Horse Until Rescue Came



  • Cameron Martin is such a brave young boy saving the life of a horse that fell in the frigid water.
  • For Tanya, who manages the farm with her husband, what Cameron did was selfless and heroic!
  • The 13-year-old boy did not hesitate to jump into the freezing canal and help the head of the horse above the water for an hour until rescue came.

If you ask Tanya Docwra-Smith, one of the bravest persons she knows is Cameron Martin — the son of her friend who’s only thirteen but definitely got way more courage than most adult people!

Couple Tanya and Jonathan manage the Midspirit Discount Equestrian farm located in Burgh Castle, England. Cameron often stays in the farm whenever his mom, Kelly Ann Gook, is at work in the hospital. With the many times he spent in the farm, he has developed love for horses — so when one was about to get harmed recently, he did not hesitate to act despite the odds.

On August 13, Cameron was on his way to see his own pony named Charlie. But he noticed something was not right because one of the horses was not in his usual spot.

“I panicked, and then my first thought was to check the dyke,” he said.

Photo Credit: Tanya Docwra Smith

He found Domino, who has a leg injury, in the canal nearby, struggling for his life. Cameron raced without hesitation and jumped into the freezing water and held the horse’s head above water for an hour!

Tanya noticed it was odd that Cameron was missing in the farm because he’d usually wander around. So they looked for him and shortly after, they spotted him in the canal, where he had been desperately calling for help!

Photo Credit: Tanya Docwra Smith

“He kept jumping back in the water and out again. It was all very scary,” Tanya said. “He knew leaving the horse for a second would have led to its death.”

Because of his bravery, Domino was pulled out to safety using a crane and he was saved! Cameron on the other hand was so tired he slept for 24 hours and woke up just a few hours then slept against or another whole day!

Photo Credit: Tanya Docwra Smith

“Not even an adult would have the guts to do what he did,” Tanya said.

Domino’s owner, Paul Williams, was so grateful the Cameron, the “little hero,” for what he’s done. 

“He and the horse have bonded after this,” Tanya added. “When the horse stands at one side of the dyke and Cameron is at the other side, Domino gives him a little whinny.”

Now that’s what bravery is like. It doesn’t necessarily mean being unafraid. For sure, Cameron was scared the whole time. But he had enough courage to fight the fear and did a very selfless act of heroism!


Source: Inspire More