15 Photos of Pets who Realized They’re on a Trip to the Vet

15 Photos of Pets who Realized They're on a Trip to the Vet

  • Most pets just hate going to the vet.
  • They think that the vet’s clinic is simply the scariest place to be.
  • Take a look at how most cats and dogs behave when they realize they’re on a trip to the vet.

The vet’s clinic is the scariest place to be for pets. Most pets are simply terrified when they find out that’s where they’re going.

Check out some priceless photos that captured the moment when pets realized that they’re on a trip to the vet — or that they’re already there. Some behave like they’re facing their worst nightmare!

1. “You said we were going to the park.”

2. “No, I’m too young for this!”

3. “I don’t wanna!”

4. “You can’t see me.”

5. “So this is the end.”

6. “Nooo, don’t let the bad guys take me.”

7. “You can give me 500 treats and I still won’t come out.”

8. “Do you find this amusing?”

9. “You brought me to the vet??”

10. This cat is in a nightmare loop.

11. “Turn this car around or else…”

12. “We’re going to the park, right? …Right?”

13. “We were going to the vet?”

14. “Why have you forsaken me?”

15. This pup hid under another animal… a stuffed giraffe.

The poor babies! Perhaps they can all do with a friendlier vet who’s gentler and more generous with treats.

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Source: Give it Love

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