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50-ft Christmas Tree Planted in 1978 Lights Up Dark Village [Video]



  • Avril and Christopher Rowlands planted a 6-foot fir tree in their garden back in 1978 shortly after they moved in.
  • It has since grown over 50 feet, and lighting it up as a Christmas tree has become the village’s annual tradition.
  • The majestic tree marks the start of the holiday season, and serves as illumination to an otherwise dark village.

When Avril and Christopher Rowlands planted a fir tree in their garden, they had no idea it would grow into the 50-foot attraction that it is today. The big Christmas tree has since become a great source of light in their little village, which has minimal illumination otherwise.

Photo Credit: SWNS

The couple had just moved into their home when they bought the fir tree at a garden center at £6.

It was just about 6 feet tall when they planted in in their front garden to serve as their first Christmas tree.

Photo Credit: SWNS

Soon, “The Little Tree That Could” towered to over 50 feet.

Their village of Inkberrow, Worcs., home of the 17th-century pub that inspired The Bull in Radio 4’s The Archers, is known as one of the darkest places in the UK. They had no street lights to illuminate their way.

The couple’s beloved tree changed all that last week.

In a well-attended ceremony, the big Christmas tree was lit up — and its light shone for miles.

Switching the lights on the Christmas tree has become a tradition for the village.

Avril shared, “A lot of people in the village say that it’s the start of their Christmas.”

The couple said that they had to do the tradition last year by themselves due to safety regulations. But this year, they got to have fireworks, and a friend brought a trailer that blasted Christmas tunes.


Avril added, “It’s been wonderful to see so many people enjoy the lights this year.”

The couple needed a cherry picker to help decorate the big tree with 3,000 lights.

Photo Credit: SWNS

The couple also decided to put the tree’s fame to charitable use. They have asked people to donate to a Cancer Research charity online, in memory of a close friend who passed away this year.

The tree is already over 50 feet tall, but it’s still growing! They say that it adds on over a foot each year.

“We had no idea just how big it would grow,” Avril shared. “It’s absolutely huge now and towers over our house.”

Photo Credit: SWNS

Avril added, “We even get cards addressed to the tree, which is quite sweet.”

The majestic tree serves not just as a memory of the couple’s new beginnings, but also as the whole village’s light and joy.

Source: Good News Network