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8-year-old girl braves the snow to find a vet for her sick dog



  • Cemre Su Türköz, eight years old, walked more than a mile with her dog on her back to look for the vet visiting the village.
  • Cemre luckily found veterinarian Ogün Öztürk and Ogün treated her dog Pamuk for free.
  • The three ended up being friends, with Ogün checking up on the dog whenever he visits the village.

This little girl risked her life for her sick dog.

One snowy day, Veterinarian Ogün Öztürk visited a small village in Turkey where he was called to attend to a client’s cow.

Photo Credit: Ogün Öztürk/The Dodo

Ogün didn’t plan staying for so long as it was supposedly just a quick check-up, but an extraordinary sight from a distance caught his attention — a little girl was trudging on a path covered with thick snow, towards him, with a pup on her back.

Apparently, the news that a vet would be in town spread in the village and it reached eight-year-old Cemre Su Türköz who never missed the chance to get help for her sick dog. So, when she knew a vet was in town, she braved the risky road and walked more than a mile to bring her dog to where the vet was.

Photo Credit: Ogün Öztürk/The Dodo

And that was something Ogün couldn’t allow to miss.

“When I first saw them, I was very surprised and touched,” Ogün told The Dodo. “She’d wrapped her dog up and brought him to me on her back.”

Ogün checked Cemre’s dog Pamuk while the little girl was looking on, worried about her pet. But she surely had the reward of her hard work and perseverance as Pamuk’s condition was nothing serious. Ogün said that Pamuk only had minor skin issues which are easy to treat.

“When Cemre heard that her dog would be fine, she was very happy,” Ogün said. “I applied external parasite medications to Pamuk. He is now enjoying himself again, healthy and happily.”

That cold vet hunt for Cemre did not only lead to Pamuk’s cure, but also for them to gain a friend in Ogün.

Photo Credit: Ogün Öztürk/The Dodo

Ogün then made sure that the little girl and the pup would never ever have to brave the snow again just to find him. He’s been visiting the village to check in on them.

“It made me very happy that an 8-year-old girl behaved in this way with such a loving heart,” Ogün said, who did not ask for any service fee from Cemre.

Photo Credit: Ogün Öztürk/The Dodo

“The fact that a person at such a young age exhibits this behavior gives hope to humanity,” Ogün said. “With all that’s going on in the world, there’s still hope. Cemre showed us that the only truth in the world is love.”

Source: The Dodo