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A Little Girl and A “Fairy” Form A Quarantine Friendship



  • Magic happens when Kelly finds a fairy garden on one of her walks and sparks a friendship between her and the garden’s owner.
  • The garden belonged to a very young child Eliana who Kelly exchanges notes for 9 months.
  • Eliana’s family was moving away and the two had to meet.

A little walk would clear out the mind and lighten up the burdens of the day.  But Kelly Victoria’s walk in her Los Angeles, California neighborhood led to an unlikely friendship that would carry them through the quarantine.

Kelly had a heavy heart from personal problems when she decided to go on a walk.  It was at the beginning of the pandemic and quarantine was taking a toll on her. She was not expecting to see a cute fairy garden on a base of a tree.

According to a note in the garden, it belonged to a little girl who lived nearby, Eliana, who was also feeling sad and lonely from the quarantine.

Photo Credit: @saysthefox (Twitter)

On the spot, Kelly decided to spread some cheer to Eliana by writing to her that she was a fairy named Sapphire. And she decided to live in the tree because it was pretty.

She also left presents of handcrafted dice for Eliana and asked her to do some acts of kindness at home.

As Kelly wrote on Twitter, “I wasn’t sure if she’d respond or even find the note but it was fun just imagining what she’d think. The next night on my walk I found this and immediately burst into tears.”

Photo Credit: @saysthefox (Twitter)

Eliana wrote back to her and shared her drawings and the nice things she did.  To let Eliana’s parents know what was going on, she also left a note for them.  To which the parents wrote, “You have been a much-needed bright spot in our quarantine season indeed.”

This began Kelly’s enthusiasm to make more artworks, walking, and leaving little trinkets for Eliana. “We wrote back and forth throughout the last 9 months, helping each other feel less lonely and I got to chat with her mom via text to make sure my gifts were a little more personal.”

Kelly even wore elf ears and Photoshopped herself to look like a tiny fairy when Eliana asked for a photo!

Photo Credit: @saysthefox (Twitter)

But after 9 months of exchanging notes, Kelly learned that Eliana’s family was moving away.  It was tough for Eliana but Sapphire reassured her that it isn’t so bad to move. The notes helped a lot, says Eliana’s mom.

The two just had to see each other before the move. And so Sapphire explained in a note that “when fairies move houses, they grow to the size of a human just for one day to move all of their belongings.”

After testing negative for COVID-19, Kelly, Eliana and her parents met. They shared a fun afternoon getting to know each other and Kelly hopes that “one day when she’s older she can understand that I truly needed her as much as she needed me these past few months.”


The two plans to keep in touch even after the move.  The pandemic really cannot stop magic from happening. 

Source: Inspire More