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Anonymous Veteran Buys Struggling Restaurant’s Precious Bourbon For $40k To Help The Business Survive



  • Since the spread of the COVID-19, the Datz Restaurant Group in Florida has been struggling to stay afloat.
  • They decided to sell their 25-year-old bourbon for $20,000 to keep their employees paid.
  • But an anonymous veteran bought it for $40,000 to help the business.

An unnamed benefactor is currently being praised for saving a struggling family-owned restaurant in Florida after the novel coronavirus prompted the closure of businesses.

The Datz Restaurant Group in Tampa, Florida, has struggled to keep the business afloat while depending only through delivery and takeout orders. Suzanne and Roger Perry, the restaurant owners, had to lay off most of their employees from 400 down to just 27—and they were not sure how long they could sustain their team.

They have done all sorts of means to provide wages to their employees, including selling their most valued item: their 25-year-old Old Rip Van Winkle bourbon.

Photo Credit: Suzanne Perry

The Perrys decided to sell the bourbon for $20,000 plus a 15% discount after doing some research online.

Many tried to haggle the price of the precious bottle until a local veteran, who was a regular customer at the restaurant, called for his offer. As it turned out, the man was a collector of bourbon and offered to buy the Perry’s for its full value.

The man then dropped off a check at one of Perry’s stores but the owners were stunned to learn the amount he left was double the price.

They thought that the $40,000 check was a mistake so they tried to return it—but the man shrugged it off telling them to keep the money to support their restaurant.

“I was so moved by that. It was really touching that someone would reach so far into their own pocket to help us survive this,” Suzanne told CNN.

The man refused to be named but he is known to be a humble veteran and philanthropist who often helps the community by hosting events. Suzzane in return plans to pay forward the kindness through their business.

“There are causes that he cares about deeply, causes that are really near and dear to his heart and I will support him in the form of catering events. I will promote them, I’ll do whatever I can,” she said. “What he has done for me is going to come back to him a hundred times.”

Source: Good News Network