Barbershop Staff Members Take Over A Restaurant To Prevent It From Closing

  • Würstbar restaurant faced the threat of closure after a staff member got exposed to COVID-19. 
  • It was just a small store and running it without the rest of the staff was not an option. 
  • Fortunately, they have a loving and caring community which did not want them to close down and took over to run it for the meantime.

This year was definitely one of the worst times, and Würstbar eatery in Jersey City is ever thankful to their neighbor Virile Barber Shop for helping them get through. 

As many restaurants struggled to stay afloat during this time of pandemic, Würstbar did its best to adapt with the new guidelines so it could stay open and serve. Unfortunately, one of their staff members was exposed to COVID-19. Instead of risking the whole restaurant and the people they serve, they decided to close down temporarily. 

“No, we are not randomly closed for ‘renovations!’” the restaurant shared in their Instagram post. “We unfortunately had an exposure to COVID-19 at Würstbar.

“Würstbar is a small team run by an extremely hardworking and loyal staff. Running the restaurant with only non-exposed employees isn’t an option for us at the moment.”

Then they proceeded to thank “@hdsid_jc and Prestige Health Mobile for getting the entire staff tested so quickly,” and once everybody is cleared, they hope to reopen very soon. 

The word about the humble restaurant’s temporary closure spread out quickly and soon enough, concerned neighbors in their small community contributed help to prevent its shut down. 

Photo Credit: @wurstbarjc (Instagram)

The staff at Virile Barber Shop in particular, stepped right in to offer help in running the business until everyone of the eatery’s workers is safe.

“The weather is too nice out to let our neighbors at Würstbar stay closed!” owner of the Virile Barber Shop, Andre Fersa, said in a post. “I’ve taken over the bar and am selling PRETZELS, beer, wine and cider for outdoor seating only. Come on by and support this great staff.”

Würstbar expressed its deep gratitude to the generosity of their neighbors and thanked them endlessly for taking over the restaurant during a difficult time. 

“We love this community and couldn’t ask for better neighbors.We love this community and couldn’t ask for better neighbors.”

Just as much, salons and barbershops were also hit hard by this pandemic, but Virile Barber Shop did its best to look after its neighbors and in return, Würstbar encouraged people to get their haircut and grooming at this barbershop with great and kind staff. 

That is just one of the sweet stories that this worst of times had given us. Under difficult circumstances, we realize this world is still full of good people. Great job!

Source: Good News Network

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Love this story. Always nice to read that there are still some kind and caring people in this world.

How can I send $ 25 for the tip jar for those operating the restaurant until the staff is cleared?