Big Cat Struggles to Fit in Box Haunted House

Big Cat Struggles to Fit in Cat Box Haunted House

  • Percy is one big fluffy cat who loves sitting in boxes, just like most cats do.
  • When his mom bought him a cat box haunted house, he couldn’t fit through the doorway — his dad had to lift him in!
  • But despite its small size, Percy loved his new haunted house, and has completely settled in.

Meet Percy — an adorable fluffy cat who was adopted by Kira-Kay Wilson’s family from the RSPCA about less than a year ago.


Kira-Kay describes Percy as “a massive baby” who “loves baths, belly rubs, and is the most over-affectionate cat.”

Percy is very much loved by his family. Kira-Kay makes sure to get him a gift every time she goes out shopping.

Percy’s favorite gift is anything he can sit in, “from boxes to baskets,” says Kira.


Kira-Kay was excited after one such shopping trip when she came upon a cat box haunted house. It was perfect for Percy!


But when she started setting it up, she realized that it might be too small for Percy — or rather Percy was too big for it.

Kira-Kay shared, “My husband and I laughed when we realized just how small the house is compared to him.”

Nevertheless, Percy just had to sit in it — it was a box, after all, and he couldn’t resist it.


Kira-Kay shared, “He was curious when he first saw the house but is too big for the doorway so my husband had to lift him in, then he was in love.”

Percy has settled into his haunted house and still continues to chill in it, no matter how small it may be for him. Cats love tight spaces, after all.

Perhaps next time Kira-Kay goes shopping, she’ll remember to take note of Percy’s size.

Source: The Dodo

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