Blind Beyoncé Fan Gets Extra Special treatment from Queen Bey Herself [Video]

  • A 13-year-old who is legally blind with muscle and hearing issues gets to sing “Irreplaceable” with Beyoncé herself.
  • Queen Bey was so kind and loving to Sophie Koti as she stroked Sophie’s face while the girl was singing.    
  • Sophie Koti is a Beyoncé fan and her sister and Beyoncé’s team made it possible for her to be at the concert.

Ellie Koti’s sister, Sophie, is 13 years old and is legally blind and has hearing and muscle issues.  But her physical difficulties do not stop Sophie from helping others.  Would you believe she has helped raise funds for multiple sclerosis? 

Sophie also loves singing and dancing and is a big fan of Beyoncé.  And so, when the singer was scheduled to have a concert in Australia, Ellie decided to make a short video of her sister and send it to the singer.

But Beyoncé’s team stepped up and invited Sophie and Ellie to their show in Perth, Australia! What a touching thing to do!

And imagine Sophie’s happiness when at the concert, Beyoncé looked for her and when she spotted her, went to her and let her sing a few lines of “Irreplaceable”!  It was beyond what the teen imagined!

Photo Credit: @goodnews_movement (Instagram)

You can also see Queen Bey’s genuine love for Sophie as she gently stroked Sophie’s face.

Ellie said, “It was amazing. Beyoncé is her favorite. When ‘Single Ladies’ came on, she jumped up and was dancing, and everyone was watching her dance.”

It is no wonder why people admire you, Queen Bey.  You rock!

Source: Inspire More

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