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Bride Cries As Her Beloved Students With Down Syndrome Surprised Her On Her Wedding Day [Video]



  • Cíntia Bonfante Pereira works as a speech therapist for children with Down syndrome in Brazil.
  • During their wedding, her groom José Vitor Flach thought it was the best idea to include the children she loves in their special moment. 
  • Indeed it was because Cíntia was crying in bliss!

Wedding is a momentous milestone in someone’s life and spending it with the people you love makes it more unforgettable.

Speech therapist Cíntia Bonfante Pereira of Caxias do Sul, Brazil, works mostly with children who have Down syndrome that causes their speech delay. She loves her adorable students. Her then-boyfriend José Vitor Flach was aware of that and he knew it would be the best idea to include these beautiful children in the special event of their lives.

While Cíntia and José were standing at the church altar, the doors at the back suddenly opened and came in the bride’s students walking down the aisle toward them.

It was totally priceless to see the reaction on Cíntia’s face upon realizing what was happening. Then she started to cry as her beautiful students made way dressed in their best wedding outfits to surprise her.

Photo Credit: Fonoaudióloga Cíntia Bonfante Pereira (Youtube)

Two cute boys even went extra riding in a tiny electric car!

Cíntia’s love for them is undeniable. You can see that in her smile as she and José to the young ones after they reached the altar. She gently caresses their faces and the bliss she felt was really evident on her face.

Photo Credit: Fonoaudióloga Cíntia Bonfante Pereira (Youtube)

The bride later said that was one of the best parts of their wedding!

“I love my profession so much and having the opportunity to have some of the children with us on this day was inexplicable,” she said. “The emotion overcame me in a way that I thought my heart would not be able to handle!”

Photo Credit: Fonoaudióloga Cíntia Bonfante Pereira (Youtube)

Having worked with them for a long time to improve their speaking skills, her love and care for them is genuine. She also advocates for people with Down syndrome. In fact, their wedding photographer, João Vicente, also has Downs—and his works are amazing!

José did it! He is one of the best grooms on earth!

Source: Inspire More