Bus Full Of Well-Behaved Dogs Going On Pack Hikes Deserve A Treat [Video]

  • TikTok has been following @mo_mountain_mutts for the adorable video of a busload of dogs behaving wonderfully.
  • The dogs on the bus are sitting nicely in their assigned seats and when they all get a free treat they do not fight over it.
  • The footage is from one of @mo_mountain_mutts’ “pack hikes” to the Alaskan wilderness.

TikTok user @mo_mountain_mutts has left the TikTok world in awe with their post of a busload of off-leash, well-trained pups in one of their “pack hikes”. 

@mo_mountain_mutts Lu’s first pack walk #newbie #dogs #complimentaryliver ♬ original sound – Mo_Mountain_Mutts

For pet parents who struggle with training their beloved pets, the pets’ behavior in the video is a feat.   

The person who runs Mo Mountain Mutts  is “a professional, balanced, and insured dog walker, sitter, and behaviorist”.  She ensures that the dogs who board the bus are safe and enjoys the great Alaskan wilderness.


Replying to @Tiffany Daniels assigned seating for maxium comfort snd happiness #happydogs

♬ original sound – Mo_Mountain_Mutts

You would be in awe at the hard work that she puts in to be able to make the dogs respect their treat time, sit nicely in their seats, and be so polite.  They are even more behaved than some children inside a school bus or humans in a tour bus!

You could just imagine the smiles on peoples’ faces when they catch a glimpse of the dogs’ behaviors. Truly remarkable!

Commenter @hatgirl077 wrote, “Does my heart good. Precious babies in the bus 🥰,”

When you watch the video, @askniara’s comment of “*Norman finally accepting treats* *just in time for a new treat snob!* lmao.” would also leave you laughing.

@mo_mountain_mutts Group Photo After Hike #groupphoto #dogbus #gooddog ♬ original sound – Mo_Mountain_Mutts

It is no wonder why @mo_mountain_mutts has been getting a lot of traffic on its account.  We, pet owners, could have a sneak peek at how our loved ones can benefit from training under an animal behaviorist.

More videos, please!

Source: Pet Helpful

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A lot quieter than a school bus full of kids !! So well behaved & polite!! I love it !!