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Campaign Helps Pay Off Veterans’ Mortgages for Every “Thank you for your service” tweet



  • The “Make It Mean More” campaign is donating $25 for every “thank you for your service” tweet.
  • These donations will help veterans pay off loans!
  • Actors, chefs, army vets, and a medal of honor recipient have already joined the campaign.

Last year, more than 88,000 tweets thanked the veterans for their service.  This year, Veterans United Home Loans will donate $25 for every “thank you for your service” tweet as part of their “Make It Mean More” campaign.  The recipient of the donations are veterans whose mortgages will be paid off!

Rendering their own kind of service by joining the campaign are actors and veteran advocates Gary Sinise, J.R. Martinez, Joe Mantegna, celebrity chef Robert Irvine, army vet and wounded warrior Michael Schlitz, and Medal of Honor recipient Leroy Petry.

Martinez, a burn survivor and Army veteran, said, “The opportunity to continue serving through this program means the world to me. I was willing to die for service and now I’m grateful that I get to live to experience the ways grateful Americans serve our troops.”

J.R. Martinez | Photo Credit: Veterans United Home Loans

Pam Swan, vice president of military relations and business development at Veterans United Home Loans said, “The #MakeItMeanMore campaign is an amazing example of how we, at Veterans United and the American people, can be part of something so much more.”

Swan, who has been a military spouse for 33 years, added, “We all encounter service members and veterans throughout the year and want to thank them for their service, but often refrain from saying anything at all as we think, ‘What does that really mean?’ or ‘I wish I could do more.’”

Now, we can “do so much more with those simple words” by “backing those words with real meaning,” she adds. “We hope this campaign will not only bring awareness to veterans but remind us as Americans that we have a debt to pay to those who have and continue to sacrifice for this nation.”

In a video call to a veteran recipient, Gary Sinise surprised Navy veteran and single father of four, Billy Day.

Bill Day | Photo Credit: Veterans United Home Loans

“I get to be the messenger to tell you that you’re gonna get your entire mortgage and your loan paid off by Veterans United. You’re not gonna have to worry about any of that,” the actor said.

To which a shocked Day exclaimed, “What? Me!?” No, I don’t deserve that!” He later said, “My son is… severely autistic and we’re having so many issues that this is gonna just help.”

Bill Day (rightmost) and his four kids. | Photo Credit: Veterans United Home Loans

Day emotionally teared up and said, “It’s gonna help a lot.”

Help more veterans and #MakeItMeanMore by keeping those “thank you for your service” tweets coming!

Source: People