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Cat Guides Brother Dog Who Lost His Vision [Video]



  • Blaze the dog came into the Wagner’s household with vision problems.
  • When Blaze completely lost his eyesight, Satin the cat learned to use her meows and chirps to guide him.
  • Blaze the dog now follows Satin’s meows for direction to avoid furniture and stepping on Satin.

Satin the cat had already been living with the Wagner family when they decided to adopt a German shepherd mix named Blaze in 2019.  Satin was there to welcome him home.

Blaze had vision problems— blind in one eye and the other one slowly going blind, too.  Whenever Blaze would unintentionally step on her, Satin would not mind.

When Blaze completely lost his eyesight in 2020, Wagner said, “He became very anxious and reactive. We had to do a lot of work with trainers to help him gain his confidence back.”

That is when Satin stepped up for her sibling.

Photo Credit: SWNS (YouTube)

Wagner said, “Both the cat and the dog like to hang out in our bed. When Blaze would jump up, Satin would go barreling out of the room before he stomped on her. But over time, we noticed Satin staying in her spot and giving Blaze a nice loud meow. He’d stop himself, and walk around her.”

Satin now guides Blaze with her meows and chirps in order for Blaze to not run into furniture and her.  They have now figured out an effective way to communicate to make Blaze’s life easier.

Photo Credit: SWNS (YouTube)

Wagner added that, “While she isn’t the most affectionate and cuddliest of cats with us, she for sure tells Blaze she loves him, and it’s the most beautiful thing to see.” 

Source: People